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hello - Yer Twistin' My Melon, Man!

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May 19th, 2007

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10:20 am - hello
hi guys,
i am trying to come up with a dance mix of songs i enjoy
because i might get to play them at my friend's dance night : D
do you think this mix is sufficiently danceable?
(the tracks arent really in order yet)

the embassy - time's tight
the happy birthdays - this time
the field mice- coach station reunion
the man from delmonte - sun serious
the wake - testament
sister vanilla - jamcolas
mahogany - neoplasticboogie woogie
france gall - ne sois pas si bete
chapterhouse - rain
the vera violets - i love you too
the frenchmen - tell me why
ride - barney s
a place to bury strangers - i know i'll see you
the shermans - loud and laughing
go sailor - ray of sunshine
a certain ratio - do the du
aislers set - langour in the balcony
all girl summer fun band - video game heart
beat happening - hot chocolate boy
blueboy - imipramine
trembling blue stars - helen reddy
the pooh sticks - on tape
the crystals - then he kissed me

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